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Admittedly I'm a bit of a malcontent. I'm not happy unless there is constant change, improvement and growth in the never ending pursuit of something better. That quest is purposeful and it's fun. As I thought about my career, it came down to that simple concept, that I love learning and I love improvement. It's been a part of my character since I was an idealistic kid with a paper route.

I moved out west from a small town in Wisconsin after my first year in college because I wanted to challenge the conventional. I wanted to do great things, tackle new ventures, and contribute to the greater good. It's been a long time since I first moved to Washington, yet I still live my life with that same idealism.

Along the way, I realized that I love fixing broken companies and even some of the best companies still have areas where they need help. I love new technologies and exploring ways of adopting new ideas with the goal of becoming something much better, all while respecting those industries where proven methods and tradition remain valid today.

I created this site with a dual purpose in mind. One was to help entrepreneurs, and  the other was to give those considering me in some capacity the chance to know my background, and how I think and process ideas.